IQ Olympiad Honors The Intellectuals Changed The World

IQ Olympiad is an intellectual growth platform that enables intellectuals around the world to create and share questions. Users can access diverse types of intellectual tests to fulfill needs and challenge the mankind’s limits of intelligence.

  Blockchain Smartcontract  

IQ Olympiad is a decentralized intellectual testing platform that enables users to create, provide, and consume intellectual tests. This structure leverages blockchain to achieve continuous improvements in the volume and quality of the content on the platform by incentivizing all users.


IQ Olympiad Platform

IQ Olympiad is designed to incentivize users to take, create, or curate intellectual tests and build communities to socialize with other intellectuals. Ecosystem participants including test creators, test takers, and test curators receive IQ Olympiad Tokens (IQOs) for their contribution to the platform.


Our Projects

IQ Olympiad's IQ test measures intelligence in a valid and reliable way; Quiz Race expands human knowledge; World Genius NFT honors the contributions of intellectuals who have changed the world.


IQ Tests

The IQ test is a basic service of the IQ Olympiad. IQ Olympiad is the world's first IQ test platform having blockchain technology. Through this service, users can receive rewards by solving IQ tests or creating IQ tests. For the official IQ certificate, it is issued by NFT.


Quiz Race

In the Quiz Race, users can play general or fun common sense games in a survival format. Quiz Race is a kind of survival game that can be played through quiz contents. Users can receive rewards by taking quizzes or creating quizzes.


World Genius NFT

World Genius NFT is an NFT project that celebrates the geniuses who changed/change the world. The IQ Olympiad selects the world's intellectuals recommended by IQ Olympiad users and publishes the artwork WGNFT.


Blockchain Technology

The core values of blockchain can be summarized as ‘decentralization’, ‘incentivization’, and ‘verification’. IQ Olympiad leverages blockchain to create an open ecosystem for anyone to participate. IQ Olympiad is governed in a decentralized manner by the users, not the foundation.

Meet Our Team

The IQ Olympiad team is made up of the most talented people in the High IQ societies and blockchain tech industry. We are leading the first project in the world.


Partners & Backers

United Sigma Intelligence Association

Lifeboat Foundation

World Academy of Medical Sciences

Complex Biological Systems Alliance

Internatioinial Longevity Alliance

Hong Kong Memory Championships

World Genius Directory

OLYMPIQ High IQ Society

HELLIQ High IQ Society

CIVIQ High IQ Society

World Intelligence Network

IQID High IQ Society

Gifted High IQ Network

GRIQ High IQ Society

QIQ HIgh IQ Society

Global Genius Directory

American High IQ Society

Canadian High IQ Society

Torr High IQ Society

Terabyte Capital

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