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The IQ Olympiad is an intellectual growth platform that everyone can participate in by refining and sharing IQ tests around the world. Users can access different types of IQ tests here, which can meet intellectual needs and challenge human intelligence limitations.

IQ Olympiad & Blockchain Technology

The IQ Olympiad is a decentralized platform where users create and provide IQ test content themselves and users become consumers of IQ test content. IQ test creators, IQ test takers, and IQ test curators receive IQ Olympiad tokens (IQOs) for their activities in this ecosystem. Through this, the volume and quality of platform content are continuously improved, and all participants are rewarded for their contribution to the service. The ecosystem can be implemented through blockchain technology. Blockchain technology can compensate for participation as well as contribute to reducing the possibility of falsification of IQ tests and increasing the reliability of IQ score authentication.

Our Project

In the IQ Olympiad, users create and share IQ problems on their own, with their general type of IQ tests, and provide an environment in which other users take the IQ tests.


Basic Test (BCT)

The Basic IQ test is a shape reasoning test consisting only of shapes without any prior knowledge. The IQ measurement interval is 85 to 145 (SD15). This test allows users to obtain their IQ. This test is mandatory for post-IQ Olympiad activities and requires a BCT score to participate in other tests.


User Created Test (UCT)

User-created IQ tests are created in three types: verbal, numerical, and spatial. It yields language intelligence in verbal types, mathematical intelligence in numerical types, and spatial reasoning intelligence in spatial types. The three types yield independent IQs, but the three IQ scores are also based on the IQ Olympiad integrated IQ calculation method.

bell curve2

Decentralized IQ (DeIQ)

DeIQ is a Decentralized IQ that provides the most accurate and reliable IQ score as IQ data accumulates IQ records through blockchain technology. In addition, blockchain technology provides a reliable certificate through NFT technology to prevent forgery of IQ certificates.

Blockchain Technology

The core philosophy of blockchain can be summarized as ‘decentralization’, ‘contribution and compensation’, and ‘verification’. It is open to everyone, able to participate in the ecosystem we formed, and managed together by all participants through contributions and rewards.

Meet Our Team

The IQ Olympiad team is made up of the most talented people
in the High IQ societies and blockchain tech industry.
We are leading the first project in the world.