The IQ Olympiad project has been created to commemorate intellectuals who have changed the world. Furthermore, IQ Olympiad’s platform was formed for those who will change the world. The IQ Olympiad project has a vision to remind people of the importance of intelligence and knowledge inspiring intellectuals to lead the world’s change. The IQ Olympiad will deliver the message to the digital and real world that we can change the world now.


The IQ Olympiad measures intelligence in a valid and reliable way. The IQ Olympiad also makes people active of human intelligence. Of course, human intelligence cannot be trapped in the frame of IQ testing. However, IQ testing would be efficient tool to measure human intellectual potential.


The IQ Olympiad expands human knowledge. There are various ways to learn knowledge in the world. Among them, the easiest and most fun way to learn knowledge is through the form of quiz. In this way, the IQ Olympiad will further expand the knowledge and intellectual level of people around the world through various intellectual quizzes.


The IQ Olympiad honors the contributions of intellectuals who have changed the world. The world has been changed by human intelligence, knowledge, and intellectuals. The IQ Olympiad encourages people to learn from those who have changed the world and those who are changing the world.


IQ Test

The IQ test is a basic service of the IQ Olympiad. IQ Olympiad is the world’s first IQ test platform having blockchain technology. Through this service, users can receive rewards by solving IQ tests or creating IQ tests. For the official IQ certificate, it is issued by NFT.

Quiz Race

In the Quiz Race, users can play general or fun common sense games in a survival format. Quiz Race is a kind of survival game that can be played through quiz contents. Users can receive rewards by taking quizzes or creating quizzes. In addition, users who survive the quiz survival can receive great rewards.

World Genius NFT

World Genius NFT or WGNFT is an NFT project that celebrates the geniuses who changed/change the world. The IQ Olympiad selects the world’s intellectuals recommended by IQ Olympiad users and publishes the artwork WGNFT. The issued WGNFT will be sold through an auction. WGNFT holders can be invited to a secret group and receive various benefits in it.