World Genius NFT


World Genius NFT or WGNFT is NFT project to commemorate geniuses who have changed the world


IQ Olympiad selects intellectuals from around the world recommended by IQ Olympiad users and publishes WGNFT which is an art work. IQ Olympiad is the subject of design and publication of works of art. The issued WGNFT is sold through an auction in the platform of IQ Olympiad. Initial purchase through auction is only possible with IQO tokens.



WGNFT owners are invited to a private group for WGNFT owners. The WGNFT private group is largely divided into classical, modern, and special categories, and it is also divided into detailed categories by each field. Classic part includes non-living intellectuals or leaders, modern part includes living intellectuals or leaders, and special part includes virtual intellectuals or leaders. 


Another benefit of the WGNFT private group is that the test items they presented is listed as an IQ Olympiad event test items. If an IQ Olympiad user pays points and solves the registered item, the WGNFT group can receive some of the points as compensation.

Questions from WGNFT Group

IQ Olympiad users have to pay a certain point to solve WGNFT test items. If users get the WGNFT question correct, users can get points with prize money. The 50% of the prize money in the WGNFT test items goes to the user who got it, and the remaining 50% goes to the WGNFT group. The WGNFT group is given 80% of the prize money of the remaining 50% to the first author who led the WGNFT test item creation on the prize money given to them.