Quiz Race


Quiz Race is a gamified quiz challenge in which users create, supply, and take quizzes to earn rewards. Participants in the quiz race become the subjects of both content creation and consumption while transparently sharing rewards in IQO based on blockchain technology.


Current System

Quizzing has been a type of content with a consistent demand. IQ Olympiad has added the element of gamification and a reward structure to provide both entertainment and economic incentives for quiz takers. The ecosystem of the existing quiz content market is centralized by a vertical delivery process. The editor of the quiz provider selects and uploads quizzes while consumers simply take the quiz. 

Decentralized System

Quiz Race breaks away from this centralized ecosystem to create a decentralized ecosystem where users can directly produce and verify quiz contents. A sustainable reward system is required for quiz content creation and consumption. Quiz Race verifies the ownership of quiz contents based on blockchain to fairly reward the creators. 


The quiz race strengthened the game elements of quiz content. Rather than answering quizzes and repeating mistakes, rewards increase every time you answer a quiz and form an ecosystem where rewards are lost if wrong. In this ecosystem, the Quiz Taker will increase the consumption of quiz content to receive a lot of rewards, and the Quiz Creator will also increase the creation of quiz content to receive a lot of rewards.

Service System

Quiz Race adopts a unique survival game system for user engagement. When a user chooses the right answer during a race, the user receives reward points. Upon receiving points, the user is given 2 options: 1) challenge the next quiz to earn higher reward points, or 2) stop the race and claim your current rewards. However, once the user fails a quiz, all points awarded during the race are lost.